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skiski2 ●●○ verb (skied, skiing, skis) [intransitive]  skiing.jpg DSOto move on skis for sport or in order to travel on snow or waterskiing I’m learning to ski. We skied down to the village of Argentière.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
skiI'd never skied in my life but that wasn't an insurmountable problem!A few have skied in various other parts of the Himalayas.If you are frightened by heights, skiing is not going to appeal to you.Whatever we call it, skiing off the piste is getting more popular again.A recent favorite was when we ski on Mars.It is built into the structure of some sports, such as skiing, parachuting, and flying.Like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing allows the individual to get into the most pristine parts of the wilderness.Spring snow has a low-friction surface which opens up acres of gentle offpiste perhaps not steep enough to ski when powder-covered.