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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnaresnare1 /sneə $ sner/ noun [countable]  1 HBADSOa trap for catching an animal, especially one that uses a wire or rope to catch the animal by its foot A rabbit was caught in the snare.2 literaryTRICK/DECEIVE something that is intended to trick someone and get them into a difficult situation syn trap I didn’t want to fall into the same snare again.
Examples from the Corpus
snareHumpback whales have even been seen to weave a snare of air-bubbles - a bubble net.Just like humans, they go hunting with their blowpipes and they erect snares and traps in the jungle.It was in those rabbit-runs through the gorse that some of the local boys used to set snares.It is also a sort of high-tech snare, with State Police as hunters and hundreds of hapless cabbies their sorry prey.When going to the C section keep the snare going.fall into ... snareThe Democrats have fallen into Republican snares, most conspicuously with the strange case of Rep.