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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnookersnoo‧ker1 /ˈsnuːkə $ ˈsnʊkər/ noun [uncountable]  DSOa game played especially in Britain on a special table covered in green cloth, in which two people use long sticks to hit coloured balls into holes at the sides and corners of the tablebilliardssnooker table/room/hall They meet up every Friday to play snooker.
Examples from the Corpus
snookerHendry missed a red three times from a snooker in the sixth and lost by eight points as his rival levelled.Cricket can be boring when Botham behaves, and snooker needs Alex Higgins even if it does not like to say so.Finally, I admit our shared deficiency: that of not being very good at snooker.He's forgotten how to play snooker.But Edwards had a love for sports, too, playing tennis, snooker, soccer.She slashed wildly at the ball with the edge of the bat, and the ball bounced under the snooker table.Lorton spent the evening drinking bottled Guinness and watching snooker on the television.play snookerSome of them must be playing snooker three and four times a week in two or three different leagues.He played snooker one-handed, and swam.He's forgotten how to play snooker.