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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoftballsoft‧ball /ˈsɒftbɔːl $ ˈsɒːftbɒːl/ noun  1 [uncountable]DSO a game similar to baseball but played on a smaller field with a slightly larger and softer ball2 [countable]DSO the special ball used to play this game
Examples from the Corpus
softballAnd each clipping prompts an anecdote, often about softball, bowling and football teammates long gone.The park boasts eight playing fields that are almost always filled with teams playing baseball, softball, rugby or soccer.In doing so, we often find that our years of playing softball have given us some excellent training indeed.They were all gifted high school softball players who learned the game from mostly male coaches in the 1980s.Laying aside their softball questions, reporters asked Amelio whether he had really done such a good job at National Semiconductor.It has volleyball, softball, concerts, and art shows around the clock.