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sprintsprint2 noun  1 [countable]DSO a short race in which the runners, riders, swimmers etc move very fast over a short distance the 100-metre sprint2 [singular]RUN a short period of running or moving very fast He made a desperate sprint for the train.
Examples from the Corpus
sprintThey chose Alex for the last leg of the relay race because he was an excellent sprinter.If anyone on the line misses, the whole line has to do a sprint.The season is a marathon, not a sprint.He broke into a breathless sprint.Intermediate sprints help towards this prize and the peloton will be split time and again.This agrees with the observation that human marathons are won at about half the speed of 100 m sprints.And the winner of a mass sprint is a brave winner indeed.a 200-meter sprintI beat my personal best for the 25-metre sprint.I made a quick sprint to the local shop for some coffee.It took 61 minutes to turn the car around and position it at the start of the course for the second sprint.