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strikestrike2 ●●● S3 W2 noun  1 not working [countable, uncountable]STOP WORKING/GO ON STRIKE a period of time when a group of workers deliberately stop working because of a disagreement about pay, working conditions etc The government has promised that the army will be called in to help if there is a firemen’s strike.strike by a six-week strike by railway workersstrike over a strike over pay cutsstrike against a national strike against mine closures2 attack [countable]ATTACK a military attack, especially by planes dropping bombsstrike against/on a surprise air strike on military targets American aircraft carriers have launched several strikes. first strike3 discovery [countable usually singular]TPG the discovery of something valuable under the ground an oil strike4 two/three strikes against somebody/something5 baseball [countable] an attempt to hit the ball in baseball that fails, or a ball that is thrown to the batter in the correct area but is not hit6 bowlingDSO [countable] a situation in bowling in which you knock down all the pins (=bottle-shaped objects) with a ball on your first attempt hunger strike, lightning strikeCOLLOCATIONSverbsbe (out) on strikeTeachers are on strike again this week.go on strike/come out on strike (=start a strike)An estimated 70,000 public sector workers went on strike.begin a strikeDock workers began a 24-hour strike last night.call a strike (=tell people to strike)The union threatened to call a strike.stage a strike (=organize a short strike)Health workers will stage a two-day strike next week.end/call off a strike (=decide not to continue with it)The strike was called off two days later.break a strike (=force workers to end it)Attempts to break the strike failed.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + strikea one-day/two-week etc strikeA three-day strike is planned for next week.an indefinite strike (=with no end planned)Workers at the processing plant have begun an indefinite strike.a long strikeMost teachers wouldn’t be in favour of a long strike.a general strike (=when workers from most industries strike)They threatened to call a general strike.a national/nationwide strike (=all over the country)In April 1984 the National Union of Mineworkers called a national strike.an all-out strike British English (=when all the workers in a factory, industry etc strike)The dockers voted for an all-out strike.a rail/coal/postal etc strike (=affecting the rail/coal etc industry)A rail strike would cause enormous public inconvenience.a miners’/teachers’/pilots’ etc strike (=by miners, teachers etc)The transport workers’ strike inflicted serious damage on the economy.an unofficial strike (=not organized by a trade union)Some workers had been sacked for taking part in unofficial strikes.a wildcat strike (=without any warning)Legislation to curb wildcat strikes will be introduced during the coming parliamentary session.an all-out strike (=in which all the workers have stopped working completely)The company faces an all-out strike next month. a bitter strike (=with angry feelings between workers and managers)The miners finally returned to work at the end of a long, bitter strike.a damaging/crippling strike (=having a bad effect on an industry)The company now faces the prospect of a crippling strike.strike + NOUNstrike action (=a strike)Hospital workers have voted in favour of strike action.a strike call (=when a group asks people to strike)The ANC estimated that more than 4,000,000 people heeded its strike call.a strike ballot British English (=when workers vote on whether to strike)The union is going to hold a strike ballot.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘go on a strike’. Say go on strike. THESAURUSstrike [countable] a period of time when a group of workers stop working because of a disagreement about pay, working conditions etcA teachers’ strike has been announced for next week.The rail strike has resulted in major delays on roads across the country.industrial action [uncountable] British English activities such as strikes, or doing less work than usual, as a way of trying to persuade an employer to improve pay, conditions etcLecturers voted to take industrial action over their workload.Prison officers have threatened industrial action.stoppage [countable] British English, work stoppage American English a short strike, especially one that lasts for one dayCustoms officers will return to work today after a twenty-four hour stoppage.go-slow [countable] British English a period of time when a group of workers deliberately work more slowly than usual as a way of protesting about pay, conditions etcThe hospital go-slow comes into effect tomorrow.The union carried out strikes and go-slows in support of a wage claim.
Examples from the Corpus
strikeThe offices were closed by a strike that lasted two months.When union bosses called a strike in protest over low pay, the response was overwhelming.The bomb strike took place on a camp near Krek.Typical damage caused by a boom strike.In the long run, the outcome of the Delphi Chassis strike could be less important than the walkout itself.Following a general strike and calls for his resignation, the President was arrested on 26 March.A memorable strike from Paul Scholes and a deserved goal for the influential David Beckham completed a routine day for the champions.Since the miners' strike, thirty of the mines in the area have been closed.nuclear strike capabilityShipbuilders and dockers were solidly in favour of strike action in support of their claim.The roads were a nightmare as commuters were hit by a rail strike.The rebels launched a retaliatory strike.The settlement came after a week of escalating pressures on both sides to end the strike.At first, they hated the strike.The administration has officially asked transportation workers to call off their strike.Barnett ruled a two-strike pitch from Shawn Boskie was a called third strike.strike against/onBut it can also strike on the potential for tension between bringing out individuality and creating conformity.She had been struck on the back of the head and strangled, said Mr Wakerley.He himself, by the surprise carrier strike on Pearl Harbor, had set an example which the enemy might follow.It was a pre-emptive strike against attempts to rewrite and water down his proposals in the months ahead.He reportedly staged a hunger strike on May 24 in support of the demand for a Constitutional Assembly.military strikes on specific targetsWhen they went on strike against the landlords in 1908, blood flowed in Parma.He was struck on the head with a club.