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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtable tennisˈtable ˌtennis noun [uncountable]  DSOan indoor game played on a table by two or four players who hit a small plastic ball to each other across a net syn ping-pong
Examples from the Corpus
table tennisIf it's raining in the afternoon there will be a table tennis tournament.Gradually Seoul improved its proposal, offering all table tennis and fencing events to Pyongyang.If it's raining, aerobics will be followed by table tennis and craft work.Teenagers play furious games of table tennis in the village center.You don't play table tennis, do you?For the energetic there is snorkelling and fishing, tennis, table tennis and a pool table.The hotel has a new indoor pool leading directly on to the well-kept gardens with table tennis and sun-bathing lawns.There is a hobby room with table tennis, a bridge room, a beauty centre and two television lounges.