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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtoeholdtoe‧hold /ˈtəʊhəʊld $ ˈtoʊhoʊld/ noun  1 [singular]START DOING something your first involvement in a particular activity, from which you can develop and become strongertoehold in The company has gained a toehold in the competitive computer market.2 [countable]DSO a place on a rock where you can put your foot when you are climbing
Examples from the Corpus
toeholdIt will thus earn a toehold in the moral company of animals; something that Singer could not accept.And there are also foreign firms, Netto and Aldi, who are trying to get a toehold here.And of course the fact that luck is always involved somewhere gives the sceptic a toehold too.Minorities say they've gotten a small toehold in broadcasting.