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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_904_etracktrack1 /træk/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 path/road [countable]SGROAD/PATH a narrow path or road with a rough uneven surface, especially one made by people or animals frequently moving through the same place The road leading to the farm was little more than a dirt track. The track led through dense forest. a steep mountain track2 tracks3 for racing [countable]DS a circular course around which runners, cars etc race, which often has a specially prepared surface To run a mile, you have to run four circuits of the track. dirt track(2)4 track.jpg train a) TTT[countable, uncountable] the two metal lines along which trains travel syn railway line The track was damaged in several places. That particular section of track was laid last year. b) [countable] American English the particular track that a train leaves from or arrives at The train for Boston is leaving from track 2.5 be on the right/wrong track6 keep/lose track of somebody/something7 music/song [countable]APM one of the songs or pieces of music on an album (=collection of songs or pieces of music) There’s a great Miles Davis track on side two.see thesaurus at music8 stop/halt (dead) in your tracks9 cover your tracks10 sport [uncountable] American English a) DSOsport that involves running on a track The next year he didn’t run track or play football. b) DSOall the sports in an athletics competition such as running, jumping, or throwing the javelin a famous track star She went out for track in the spring (=she joined the school’s track team).11 be on track12 get off the track13 be on the track of somebody/something14 make tracks15 direction [countable]LINE the direction or line taken by something as it movestrack of islands that lie in the track of North Atlantic storms16 on a vehicle [countable]TT a continuous metal band that goes over the wheels of a vehicle such as a bulldozer, allowing it to move over uneven ground off the beaten track at beaten(1), → one-track mind, → be from the wrong side of the tracks at wrong1(18)
Examples from the Corpus
trackan eight-track tapecollege-track classesYou find out how tracks are determined, and if it seems unfair, question the system.It can help some to keep track of what is going on if they have others to help them.He ate rice and a fried egg three times a day, keeping track of the days by counting the meals.A narrow track leads from the road to the cabins.Whenever you hear one of these figures you are on track, so make sure then that your heading is correct.Yet this time he was finally on the right track.One of the heaviest performers at the seaside track, Between Times was floundering after a slow start.The track was only wide enough for one car.train tracksThe land is now part of the Bay Meadow thoroughbred racing complex and is used as a training track.I really like the first two tracks on this album.dirt trackDevshi bhai took his group along a dirt track to our left.We cycled into the small village of Noul Roman along a dirt track.They turned into a dirt track flanked by very young gum trees.In the morning, we motored along dirt tracks to the deserted ruins of Dainzu and Mitla.The private dirt track led directly to it.We follow the dirt track that meanders with it.During the monsoon, the dirt track which connects McLeod Ganj with Dharamsala lower down the valley turns into sludge.He ran through the gate, down the lane and across to the dirt track faster and faster, leaping and jumping.run trackSports were very important to the father, who himself had played football and basketball and had run track in high school.He is this quick: He ran track in high school, even at 6-foot-3 and 200 pounds.Four army lorries, each carrying one condemned man, drove round the running track.track ofthe track of the asteroid through space