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trytry2 ●●● S3 noun (plural tries) [countable]  1 TRY TO DO OR GET somethingan attempt to do something She didn’t manage to break the record, but it was a good try. ‘You really think you can do that?’ ‘I’m going to have a try.’ ‘What are the chances for getting tickets now?’ ‘I guess I could give it a try.’ It might sound a ludicrous excuse but he thought it was worth a try.on the first/second etc try Only half the students passed the test on their first try.2 TRY TO DO OR GET somethinga test of something to see if it is suitable or successful or to find out if you like it I decided to give modelling a try. Wines from Apulia’s ancient vineyards are well worth a try.3 DSOfour points won by putting the ball on the ground behind the opponents goal line in rugbyCOLLOCATIONSverbshave a tryI decided to have one last try.give it a try informalIf your instinct is telling you to give it a try, then go ahead.be worth a try (=be worth trying to do because you may succeed)It’s worth a try – we’ve nothing to lose. adjectivesa good try‘Do you really think you can win?’ ‘I’m going to have a darn good try.’a nice try (=a good try that is not successful)Nice try, Claudia, but not good enough, I’m afraid.somebody’s first/second tryThis is his first try at directing.
Examples from the Corpus
tryIf your insomnia is similar to the following examples, you might want to give bright-light therapy a try.But it is worth a try.Certainly it was worth a try.Don't give up yet - have another try.Beattie put them ahead after two minutes with an opportunist try but Dungait replied for Morpeth.Centre John Devereux converted, with giant prop Mark Jones then brushing aside two tackles to crash over for the second try.After several tries, Lou finally reached Sylvia at her office phone number.Full-back Liley strode into the left-hand corner for a splendid try and there was still a man to spare.With White converting all the tries, Alton ran out comfortable winners after a terrible start.have a tryFederal authorities have tried to put together a criminal case against Zimmermann ever since.But area fishermen have tried everything to hook it: worms, corn, artificial lures.I have tried every which way to get it back down on the bottom.I have tried to explain that in Claudia's case memory is particularly treacherous, but Letterman likes the idea of ambiguity.My daughter and son-in-law have tried to have their baby son christened in a local church.I might have tried a few quick manoeuvres to lose those shadows.Some providers have tried to cope with this flood by sharply limiting the number of newsgroups they carry.It is not true that they have tried traditional Keynesian fiscal policy and it hasn't worked.I can't get the lid off this jar. Do you want to have a try?We had a go at trying to coax the cat indoors using scraps of food.give ... a tryHe says he thought he'd give it a try, but he got stuck.Our family gave it a try on a recent weekend.I reckon if I had had a flat and everything I could have given it a try.Amy had never given up trying to get control of her inheritance.Producing the links Considerable attention is often given to trying to make sense of an incident.Oh, Scoonie gave other sports a try.I sure would like to give it a try.Look, we've given it a try.