Sense: 1-3
Origin: Old English pol
Sense: 4, 5-8
Date: 1600-1700
Language: French
Origin: poule 'hen'; perhaps because a chicken was the target or prize in a game


1 noun
pool1 S2 W2

for swimming

[countable] a hole or container that has been specially made and filled with water so that people can swim or play in it [= swimming pool]:
They have a nice pool in their backyard.
a shallow pool suitable for children

area of water

[countable] a small area of still water in a hollow place:
pools of water with tiny fish in them
Mosquitoes breed in stagnant pools of water.

pool of water/blood/light etc

a small area of liquid or light on a surface:
A guard found him lying in a pool of blood.
a pool of light formed by the street lamp above


[uncountable]DGO a game in which you use a stick to hit numbered balls into holes around a table, which is often played in bars
shoot/play pool
We went to the pub and played pool.

group of people

[countable] a group of people who are available to work or to do an activity when they are needed
pool of
a pool of talented applicants to choose from
The region has a large and talented labour pool.

shared money/things

[countable usually singular] a number of things or an amount of money that is shared by a group of people:
Both partners put money into a common pool.

the pools

DGG a system in Britain in which people try to win money each week by guessing the results of football games:
I do the pools sometimes.
Dad won £40 on the pools.


[countable] American English a game in which people try to win money by guessing the result of a sports game, or the money that is collected from these people for this:
the office basketball pool

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