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Date: 1300-1400
Origin: disport


1 noun
sport1 S2 W2


a) [countable] a physical activity in which people compete against each other:
My favourite sports are tennis and swimming.
a sports team
a sports club
I've been playing sports all my life.
All students are encouraged to take part in a sport.
a sports field
He picked up the newspaper and turned to the sports pages.
They have excellent sports facilities.
A lot of schools don't really encourage team sports.
Football is one of the most popular spectator sports (=sports watched by a lot of people).
b) [uncountable] British English sports in general:
Why is there so much sport on TV?
I always hated sport at school.
! The uncountable use of sport is British English only: There's too much sport on TV. In American English, the plural sports is used: He likes watching sports on TV.


[countable]DLO an activity that people do in the countryside, especially hunting or fishing:
the sport of falconry
a demonstration by people opposed to blood sports (=sports that involve killing animals)

helpful person

[countable usually singular] also good sport old-fashioned a helpful cheerful person who lets you enjoy yourself
be a sport (=used when asking someone to help you)
Be a sport and lend me your bike.

a good sport

someone who does not get angry when they lose at a game or sport

a bad/poor sport

someone who gets angry very easily when they lose at a game or sport


a) Australian English used when speaking to someone, especially a man, in a friendly way:
See you later, sport.
b) American English old-fashioned used when speaking to a boy in a friendly way


[uncountable] old-fashioned fun or amusement:
Did she torment him merely for sport?

make sport of somebody

old-fashioned to joke about someone in a way that makes them seem stupid