Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: circuite, from Latin circuitus, past participle of circumire, circuire 'to go around', from circum ( CIRCUM-) + ire 'to go'


cir‧cuit W3 [countable]
1 a path that forms a circle around an area, or a journey along this path:
We did a circuit of the old city.
2 British EnglishDSO a track that cars, motorbikes etc race around

the tennis/lecture/cabaret etc circuit

all the places that are usually visited by someone who plays tennis etc:
a well-known entertainer on the club circuit
4TEE the complete circle that an electric current travels:
an electrical circuit
5 a regular trip around an area made by a judge or a religious leader, so that a court of law or church can meet in several different places:
a circuit judge
a circuit preacher

do circuits

DS British English informal to do circuit training

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