Sense: 1-9, 11
Origin: HOLD1
Sense: 10
Origin: hole


2 noun
hold2 S2 W3

holding something

[singular] the action of holding something with your hands [= grip]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
tight/firm hold (on something) tighten your hold (on something) loosen/release your hold (on something) have/keep hold of something (=be holding something) get/take hold of something (=start holding something) catch/grab/seize hold of something (=take hold of something quickly and firmly) lose your hold (on something) (=accidentally let go of something)
hold on
She released her tight hold on the dog.
He tightened his hold, refusing to let her go.
Make sure you keep hold of my hand when we cross the road.
I took hold of her hand and gently led her away.
Grab hold of the rope and pull yourself up.

get hold of something


get a hold of something

American English to find or borrow something so that you can use it:
I need to get hold of a car.
She managed to get a hold of a copy.

get hold of somebody


get a hold of somebody

American English to find and speak to someone about something:
I must get hold of Vanessa to see if she can babysit.


[singular] control, power, or influence over something or someone
get/keep a hold on/of something
He struggled to get a hold of his emotions.
I've always kept a tight hold on our finances.
I realized that the woman had a hold over my father.

on hold

a) if something is on hold, it is going to be done or dealt with at a later date rather than now:
The plans are on hold until after the election.
Since having the kids, my career has been put on hold.
b) if you are on hold, you are waiting to talk to someone on the telephone:
We try not to keep people on hold for more than a couple of minutes.
The agent put me on hold while she consulted a colleague.

take (a) hold

to start to have a definite effect:
The fever was beginning to take hold.

get hold of an idea/an impression/a story etc

to learn or begin to believe something:
Where on earth did you get hold of that idea?


[countable]DSO a particular position that you hold an opponent in, in a fight or a sport such as wrestling


[countable]DSO somewhere you can put your hands or feet to help you climb something:
The cliff was steep and it was difficult to find a hold.


[countable]TTW the part of a ship below the deck1 (1) where goods are stored

no holds barred

when there are no rules or limits on what you are allowed to do:
It seems there are no holds barred when it comes to making a profit.

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