2 noun
try2 S3 plural tries [countable]
1 an attempt to do something:
She didn't manage to break the record, but it was a good try.
'You really think you can do that?' 'I'm going to have a try.'
'What are the chances for getting tickets now?' 'I guess I could give it a try.'
It might sound a ludicrous excuse but he thought it was worth a try.
on the first/second etc try
Only half the students passed the test on their first try.
2 a test of something to see if it is suitable or successful or to find out if you like it:
I decided to give modelling a try.
Wines from Apulia's ancient vineyards are well worth a try.
3DSO four points won by putting the ball on the ground behind the opponents' goal line in rugby

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