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après-ski backpack backyard bandstand barbecue(n) barbecue(v) barbie barker BBQ beach ball beach chair beachcomber bedroll big dipper big top big wheel billy birdseed bird table bivouac(n) bivouac(v) bloodhound boardwalk boating bonfire boomerang booth botanical garden briquette camp camper campground campsite campstool caravan caravanning coarse fishing compass crampon crest cruise(v) cruise(n) cruiser cyclist dovecot driving range duckboards dune buggy fair fairground Ferris wheel fête field glasses fish fisherman fishing fishing line fishing rod fishing tackle flysheet Frisbee funfair garden party gazebo ghost train ground cloth groundsheet gun dog guy hammock hamper helter-skelter hen house hide hike(n) hike(v) hiker horsey iron rations jungle gym lido lounger map-reading marina marquee maze menagerie merry-go-round metal detector miniature golf monkey bars mud mudbath muddy mud pie nature reserve nook nudist outdoor outdoors outdoorsy outfitter pack pack trip paddle(n) paddle(v) paddling pool pageant parade parasol park park keeper parkland patio pavilion peg piton pothole Primus promenade Punch and Judy show punt PYO ramble(v) ramble(n) rambler recreation ground rest area ride rod roller coaster roundabout rubber dinghy rucksack runner RV sailing sailing boat sandcastle shooting stick site sledge sleeping bag speleology sport state park stock car sub-aqua summerhouse sunbathe sundial sun-drenched sun lounger sun-worshipper surfboard swing swing set tent theme park toboggan tool tootle topless torch train spotter wading pool walk walker walking water bottle wigwam wilderness area woodcraft yachting yachtsman yachtswoman


1 [only before noun] existing, happening, or used outside, not inside a building [≠ indoor]:
a huge outdoor market
outdoor recreational activities
outdoor clothing
a healthy outdoor life

outdoor type

someone who enjoys camping, walking in the countryside etc