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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutdoorout‧door /ˌaʊtˈdɔː◂ $ -ˈdɔːr◂/ ●●○ adjective  1 [only before noun]DLOOUT/OUTSIDE existing, happening, or used outside, not inside a building opp indoor a huge outdoor market outdoor recreational activities outdoor clothing a healthy outdoor life2 outdoor typeUSAGE: Outdoor, outdoorsOutdoor is an adjective and outdoors is an adverb.You say: an outdoor swimming pool Don't say: an outdoors swimming poolYou say: They could play outdoors. Don't say: They could play outdoor.
Examples from the Corpus
outdoorThe program of outdoor activities includes skiing, climbing, and hiking.On warm sunny days, employees can eat in a sheltered outdoor courtyard near an old-fashioned gazebo.Already they've scaled up their fluid star-burst psychedelia into something that sounds more suited to outdoor festivals than stuffed solid mini-venues.Most of the activities are routed through woodland and as some of the pathways can be rough outdoor footwear is recommended.outdoor furnitureInspired, she reaches for a Williams Sonoma cookbook in search of ideas for more summery outdoor meals.Intrigued, the aliens monitored the few lyrics they could hear rising up from this outdoor roller ritual.A ritual that signals for me the beginning of the outdoor season.outdoor sportsThe Form has a bar, sauna and massage rooms, an outdoor swimming pool as well as clock golf and a tennis court.an outdoor swimming poolThe hotel has an outdoor swimming pool.Restaurant patrons fed them scraps from their outdoor tables.Younger volunteers tend to prefer outdoor work.