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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeachcomberbeach‧comb‧er /ˈbiːtʃˌkəʊmə $ -ˌkoʊmər/ noun [countable]  BODLOsomeone who searches beaches for interesting or useful things
Examples from the Corpus
beachcomberLet me finish by reminding you that, like successful detectorists, beachcombers work with nature.Further along the shore a few beachcombers were bunkered down, husking washed-up coconuts for copra; others collected shellfish.As well as keeping their eyes peeled for surface coins and jewellery, beachcombers also look for non-metal items on their foreshore hunting grounds.Jason Purvis, the starving beachcomber and would-be great novelist who at last did achieve a kind of fame.Attracted by its unusual colour and shape the beachcomber picked it up.