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campcamp2 ●●○ verb [intransitive] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 DLOto set up a tent or shelter and stay there for a short time πŸ”Š We’ll camp by the river for the night, and move on tomorrow.camping gear/equipment πŸ”Š camping gear such as a sleeping bag, tent, and backpack2 β†’ go camping β†’ camp out β†’ camp something upβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
campβ€’ They always camped at Dartmeet in summer.β€’ The soldiers camped nearby also ran to help.β€’ A family was camped on a sandy beach under the trees.β€’ On our march we camped one night in a vacant lot adjoining a female seminary at Gordonsville.β€’ She had her own fishing pole and hiking boots, a sleeping bag in case they decided to camp out.β€’ In the first 20 minutes, Ipswich were all over their visitors and were camped permanently in their half.camping gear/equipmentβ€’ It was not a tent, nor indeed any sort of camping equipment.β€’ It was the sort of belt sold widely in shops specializing in Western or camping equipment.β€’ Billingham Gingerbread, Β£500, for toys, camping equipment and running costs.β€’ One excellent option is an overnight pack ride, with camping equipment carried by mules.