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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcramponcram‧pon /ˈkræmpɒn $ -pɑːn/ noun [countable usually plural]  crampon.jpg DLOa piece of metal with sharp points that mountain climbers fasten under their boots to stop them slipping on ice or snow
Examples from the Corpus
cramponA third of the way up a vicious-looking ice-climb were two men, slowly hacking an unenviable route with axes and crampons.He reportedly found it very hard and was left hanging from his axes as both crampon placements broke loose nearing the top.Forget about instep crampons or ones without forward facing points, which are only of interest to walkers.Fig 1: Three types of crampon points - a curved lobster claw b general purpose c straight lobster claw.An ankle strap will prevent the heel lever being released or the crampon being lost should it become disconnected from the boot.I pointed out the crampons, the little cleats attached to the bottoms.The weight is kept over the feet with the crampons flat.Frankly, I would have found it challenging with crampons and rope.