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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcyclistcy‧clist /ˈsaɪklɪst/ ●●○ noun [countable]  DLOsomeone who rides a bicycle
Examples from the Corpus
cyclistIn 1995 fewer than 200 cyclists and pedestrians under 15 were killed.Cyclists are demanding more and safer cycle paths in the city.The old creek trail is used by hikers and cyclists.It is an even greater danger to children, older people and cyclists.The most noticeable difference is that the helmets are lower in the back than those intended strictly for cyclists.Heather, a keen cyclist, is hoping to raise £10,000 by riding her bike across Europe.Most cyclists in London have their bikes stolen eventually.Outside every field you find a home-made latrine, waiting for passing cyclists to contribute valuable fertilizer.But there are no hard and fast rules about the physique of a racing cyclist.Nearly all the accidents in Darlington occurred at junctions, when cyclists were waiting to set off or just starting to pedal.A time trial, when cyclists ride alone, starting at one-minute intervals.