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fairfair2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 (also funfair British English) a form of outdoor entertainment, at which there are large machines to ride on and games in which you can win prizes syn carnival American English2 American EnglishTA an outdoor event, at which there are large machines to ride on, games to play, and sometimes farm animals being judged and soldstate/county fair3 book/antiques/craft/trade etc fair4 job/careers fair5 British EnglishDLO an outdoor event with games and things to eat and drink, usually organized to get money for a school, club etc syn fête6 British English old-fashionedTA a market where animals and farm products are sold a horse fair
Examples from the Corpus
fairThe number of stalls and the range of employers represented at careers fairs has dwindled sharply.Her ceramics are sought after at craft fairs in Northallerton, Harrogate and York.But then I went to one of those arts-and-crafts fairs.Go to a franchise fair, for example.Did responsible parents take their children to the state fair?Such fairs are a great morale booster for any nurse who feels unappreciated.Want the agricultural shows filled with fairs and cheap sideshows so they can enjoy themselves? 9.state/county fairClark had set up a booth to display his wares at a county fair to which Roosevelt was paying a visit.Rains always fell on state and county fairs.At the time, North County Fair did not exist.Annie hired a new manager, William A.. Banks, who booked her in a number of state fairs.None the less, the state fair was going on as scheduled.Did responsible parents take their children to the state fair?But in 139 years of attending their state fair, the people of Iowa have never seen this: Butter Elvis.