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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfunfairfun‧fair /ˈfʌnfeə $ -fer/ noun [countable] British English  DLOa noisy outdoor event where you can ride on machines, play games to win prizes etc syn fair
Examples from the Corpus
funfairThere is a funfair next door and the big wheels can be clearly seen from the dressing-room window.A fancy dress parade again preceded the match, and there was a funfair, sideshows and trade stands.Not all funfair rides will be available between October 30,1992, and March 13,1993.What's included at Starcoast World: Starsplash sub-tropical waterworld; live cabaret; funfair rides; kids' clubs and entertainment.Rune, mouth tender, eyes laughing as he had watched the children playing at the funfair in Tivoli.An avenue of fortune-tellers' trailers led into the funfair, displaying yellow or red cards in their windows.At seaside venues he visited the funfairs where he won all manner of prizes.