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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhammockham‧mock /ˈhæmək/ noun [countable]  DLOa large piece of cloth that is hung between two trees or posts, which you can sleep in
Examples from the Corpus
hammockHe reached and enclosed the boy in his great hammock of an arm, and with the other arm began to yank.They all sleep on board in hammocks.We slept in hammocks, on mats and newspapers and there was no water or electricity.At night, they sleep on hammocks in plastic-sheeting shelters or on the frigid, rain-soaked earth.A clothes-line hangs between two high windows, hovering above like a tawdry hammock from the sky.He got a blanket and tucked her into the hammock as if into a steamer chair.Filled with relief, I got out of the hammock to greet him.