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hidehide2 noun [countable]  1 British EnglishHBBDLO a place from which you can watch animals or birds without being seen by them syn blind American English2 HBADCan animal’s skin, especially when it has been removed to be used for leather ox hide gloves3 have/tan somebody’s hide4 somebody’s hide5 not see hide nor hair of somebody
Examples from the Corpus
hidea buffalo hideIt was the flayed hide to a bull, winging on the tide out to sea.His hide is removed with head and paws attached and arranged upon a rack to look alive.The alligator, though pursued for its hide and much reduced in numbers, is not in present danger of extinction.If you brush against their hair it rasps the hide right off you.If the meticulous and demanding rescue work succeeds, birdwatchers using the hide will be in for a treat.