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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarinama‧ri‧na /məˈriːnə/ noun [countable]  DLOa small port or area of water where people keep boats that are used for pleasure
Examples from the Corpus
marinaJoe Foglio walked angrily through the kitchen of his large oceanfront home on a marina in Coronado, California.The main centre is Portoferraio with a marina, a renaissance fortress, a picturesque old town and Napoleon's town house.The guides cost 60p each and can be bought from most chandlers and marinas or direct from the publishers.A few hours before game time Thursday afternoon, Jody is out jogging around the marina.The sea leapt like flames, boats were piling up in the marinas.Improved and expanded since opening in the early 70's the marina has matured into a real alternative to the South Coast.Jump-off to the marina at oh-seven-thirty hours.There are now eight other staff to deal with everything from race details to marina discounts.