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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmenagerieme‧na‧ge‧rie /məˈnædʒəri/ noun [countable]  HBADLOa group of wild animals kept privately or for the public to see
Examples from the Corpus
menagerieBut it did include a menagerie of animated characters that crept around the computer screen when the program was running.The glasses menagerie I suppose I was ten when the school said I couldn't see.When one of her menagerie died, Diana dutifully performed a burial ceremony.Isadora arrived with her menagerie of admirers.He solved the Chelsi problem by having her noisily eaten by a Stygian panther in the lab menagerie.From his ever-changing complexion to his personal menagerie and private amusement park, Jackson has long cultivated an aura of eccentricity.Despite the menagerie of insects, there are no bugs in this game.A whole menagerie came to life to see, but more importantly to help, Emily play.Had Red Reg turned up here, one felt certain they would have set the whole menagerie on him.