Date: 1100-1200
Language: Low German
Origin: Dutch pak


2 noun
pack2 S2 W3 [countable]

things wrapped together

B something wrapped in paper or packed in a box and then sent by post or taken somewhere
pack of
a pack of three T-shirts
Send away for your free information pack today.
six-pack (1)

small container

especially American English a small container, usually made of paper, that something is sold in [= packet British English]
pack of
a pack of cigarettes
a 10 oz. pack of frozen peas
see usage note package1


especially British EnglishDCDLO a bag that you carry on your back, especially when climbing or walking, used to carry equipment, clothes etc [= rucksack BrE; = backpack]


DGC also pack of cards a complete set of playing cards [= deck]


HBA a group of wild animals that hunt together, or a group of dogs trained to hunt together:
a wolf pack
pack of
a pack of hounds

group of people

a group of the same type of people, especially a group who you do not approve of
pack of
A pack of reporters were waiting outside.

pack of lies

informal something you are told that is completely untrue:
Don't believe what it says in the paper - it's a pack of lies.

Cub/Brownie pack

a group of children who belong to a particular children's organization Cub Scout, brownie, girl scout

on a wound

MDMH a thick soft piece of cloth that you press on a wound to stop the flow of blood [= compress] ice pack

package, packet, packaging, packing, pack
!! Do not confuse these similar words.A package is a parcel, usually sent by post A package containing a bomb was delivered to her home.In American English, a package is also a paper or plastic container that food etc is sold in a package of cookiesIn British English, a packet is a box, bag, or some other container that things are sold in a packet of biscuits a packet of crisps. A packet can also sometimes be called a pack a pack of cigarettes. This meaning of pack is also used in American English.In American English, a packet is a small flat paper or plastic container for something such as tomato ketchup or sugar. The British word for this is sachet.Packaging is material that is put round things that are sold, to protect them or to encourage people to buy them It's the same old stuff in better packaging.Packing is material that is put around things to protect them, especially from getting damaged in the post Carefully remove the computer from its foam packing.See also package

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