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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparklandpark‧land /ˈpɑːk-lænd $ ˈpɑːrk-/ noun [uncountable]  1 British EnglishDHDLO an area of land with grass and trees, surrounding a big house in the countryside The hotel is set in ten acres of parkland.2 DLOAREAland with grass and trees which is used as a park a narrow strip of parkland
Examples from the Corpus
parklandThe centre is located in beautiful parkland and has a bar, cafe and free parking.It is the towering, 103-foot cross atop city parkland that landed the measure on the ballot in the first place.The conflicts are not limited to federal parkland.Much of southern Utah is rugged national parkland that the federal government would like to preserve as wilderness.About 40 acres of parkland with lakes, gardens and woodlands, accompany the house.But there were always the acres of parkland, garden, and water, and always friends happy to come and stay.A four-star hotel with its own championship golf course set in a hidden world of parkland, forest and lakes.But of course, not all early gardens resemble parkland.