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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpavilionpa‧vil‧ion /pəˈvɪljən/ noun [countable]  1 DLOa temporary building or tent which is used for public entertainment or exhibitions and is often large with a lot of space and light the German pavilion at the World Trade Fair2 British EnglishDSC a building beside a sports field, especially a cricket field, used by the players and people watching the game3 American English a very large building with big open areas used for sports and other public events victory before a home crowd at Maples Pavilion
Examples from the Corpus
pavilionMore than 1,400,000 people visited the Liberty Bell pavilion last year.It features carnival rides, live bands and a dance pavilion along with booths for food, arts and crafts.New beachfront hotels are going up, and the pavilion on the boardwalk is being rebuilt.The effect was heightened by the pavilions which straddled the track behind the main building.She was buried under the pavilion she had built in the Roshanara Gardens.The pavilions and forecourt were added by Sir Charles Barry in 1843.