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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpegpeg1 /peɡ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 short stickDHHDCC a short piece of wood, metal, or plastic that is attached to a wall or fits into a hole, used especially to hang things on or to fasten things together Sarah hung her coat on the peg. a table fitted together with pegs a pattern made with coloured pegs on a board2 hanging wet clothes British English a small plastic or wooden object used to fasten wet clothes to a thin rope to dry syn clothes peg, clothespin American English3 tentDLO a pointed piece of wood or metal that you push into the ground in order to keep a tent in the correct position4 take/bring somebody down a peg (or two)5 musical instrumentAPM a wooden screw used to make the strings of a violin, guitar etc tighter or looser syn tuning peg6 a peg to hang something on7 drink British English old-fashionedDFD a small amount of strong alcoholic drink, especially whisky or brandy square peg in a round hole at square1(12)
Examples from the Corpus
pegSerena hung her hat on a peg.Green in the chrome of the Harley, in the beach towel hung on a peg.His voice was nasal, to the extent that it sounded as if there was a clothes peg clipped on to his nose.Knock in rows of pegs just outside the patio boundary.The Creative Weaver comprises a perforated base board, with sets of pegs for setting up the design on the board.Saddles, gleaming immaculately and stirrup irons polished, hung neatly on pegs.Hang your coat on this peg.I clipped into the top peg and swung around in tides of feelings below the bulge.I also put on the real Sperzel locking tuning pegs as opposed to the fake ones that Fender are making now.