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puntpunt2 verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]DLOTTW to go on a river in a puntpunt along/down/past etc Pete punted us back to the boatyard.2 [transitive]DSA a) in rugby or American football, to drop the ball from your hands and kick it He punted the ball 40 yards. b) to kick a ball hard so that it goes a long way→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
puntThe Bears then stalled and had to punt.The Cowboys gained one first down, then punted.Thompson is solid with a 43. 4-yard punting average.Prokop punted five times for a 39-yard average.Competition punting only takes place on the Thames but the sport's devotees take it very seriously.On occasions when the whole dealing room was punting out the stock, the price might climb even further.He can throw, catch, run and even punt the ball.He punted the few yards to the shore.George W.. Bush believes it might be time to drop back and punt the primary back to May.punt along/down/past etcMatata poled gracefully; he could have been punting down the Cam as his pole pushed blue and white water lilies aside.United's second goal came when Connolly chased a hopeful punt down the left.In summer you can enjoy punting along the river Cam, and the Cambridge Festival of music, drama and film.