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rambleramble2 noun [countable] British English  1 DLOa walk in the countryside for pleasurehike I quite like the idea of going for a ramble one weekend.2 a speech or piece of writing that is very long and does not seem to be clearly organized In a ten-page ramble, Barre explains why he wrote the book.
Examples from the Corpus
rambleThe walks range from leisurely country rambles to strenuous mountain walks from the spring through mid-October.Some are easy rambles but others should kick into touch the idea that valleys are easy options.Followed by an afternoon family ramble.My favorite ramble is the nine-mile hike to West Potrero Road.The hotel also offers a free guided ramble every week.Even local walkers were put off making their local rambles, aware that Mrs Chandler's attacker could strike again.I was told to weaken my left-hand grip and the game became a sort of nature ramble.In my own rambles around vents I have stumbled upon and helped describe a few of the new species.Most were rambles through the countryside, but one or two were organized strolls through historical sections of London.