2 noun
ride2 S3 [countable]

car/train etc

TTC a journey in a vehicle, when you are not driving [↪ lift]
ride in
He invited me to go for a ride in his new car.
Can you give me a ride back to town?
Sammy had promised to take me for a ride in his truck.
I managed to get a ride down to the station.
We hitched a ride (=got a free ride from a passing vehicle) into town.
car/bus/train etc ride
A fifteen minute taxi ride will take you to the airport.
a smooth/comfortable/bumpy etc ride
The new model offers a lovely smooth, comfortable ride.


a journey on a bicycle, a horse, or a similar animal
ride on
Can I have a ride on your bike?
a bike/bicycle ride
Shall we go for a bike ride this afternoon?

a rough/easy ride

informal if people give someone, especially someone in authority, a rough or an easy ride, they make a situation difficult or easy for them:
Journalists gave the Prime Minister a rough ride at the press conference.
The chairman will face a rough ride from shareholders.
The President will not have an easy ride when he gives his account of events.

a bumpy ride

informal if something has a bumpy ride, it experiences a lot of problems:
Shares had a bumpy ride yesterday, falling by an average of 15%.
The new bill could be in for a bumpy ride when it is put before parliament.

take somebody for a ride

spoken to trick someone, especially in order to get money from them:
I'd just begun to realise he was taking me for a ride.

come/go along for the ride

spoken to join what other people are doing just for pleasure, not because you are seriously interested in it:
A couple of friends had come along for the ride.


DLO a large machine that people ride on for fun at a fair:
We went on loads of rides.


TTR literary a path for riding on a horse in the countryside:
a grassy ride

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