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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroundaboutround‧a‧bout1 /ˈraʊndəbaʊt/ noun [countable] British English  1 TTRa raised circular area where three or more roads join together and which cars must drive around syn traffic circle American English Turn left at the first roundabout. mini-roundabout2 DLOa round structure for children to play on in a park. Children sit on it while someone pushes it around and around. syn merry-go-round American English3 DLOa merry-go-round swings and roundabouts at swing2(9)
Examples from the Corpus
roundaboutThe site is approachable from the Bletchworth roundabout coming from Reigate, or the Dorking roundabout from the other direction.Imagine you are approaching a busy complex roundabout with six converging roads.A road circled the site - an enormous roundabout that had once contained shops, pubs and a post office.The accident happened on the old Wrexham road from Chester, near the Pulford roundabout.