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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrucksackruck‧sack /ˈrʌksæk/ ●●○ noun [countable]  especially British EnglishDLO a bag used for carrying things on your back, especially by people on long walks syn backpack
Examples from the Corpus
rucksackCarrying a rucksack or anything over your shoulder is likely to aggravate this.The coast was rough country and the big rucksack a burden in the muggy atmosphere.I drop out to the side of the road and pull off my rucksack containing the bagpipes.I packed my rucksack again and walked off the summit towards the tarns.He banged down the rucksack and the basket he had been carrying and looked without liking at the unencumbered Beuno.Stick all the papers in the rucksack.Furious with myself for these creeping insidious thoughts I focussed on lengthening my stride and levitating the rucksack.Last in should be the tent, which can be carried under the rucksack flap, and your waterproofs.