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walkwalk2 ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 [countable]DLOWALK a journey that you make by walking, especially for exercise or enjoyment It’s a long walk. Maybe we should get the bus.walk to/through/across etc a walk through the castle grounds2 [countable]DLOWALK a particular journey that you make by walking, especially one that goes through an interesting or attractive area He says he’s going on a long walk tomorrow. Have you ever done the Three Peaks walk?coastal/hill etc walk There is a stunning 10-mile coastal walk from St Andrews to Crail.3 [countable] an organized event when people walk for pleasure Let’s all go on the beach walk. The local tourist office organises a number of guided walks.4 [singular]WALK the way someone walks syn gait You can often recognize people by their walk.5 [singular] when you walk rather than run Breathless, she slowed to a walk. walk of life, → sponsored walk at sponsor2(5)COLLOCATIONSverbsgo for a walkLet’s go for a walk on the beach.take/have a walkShe took a walk through the town.take somebody/a dog for a walkCould you take the dog for a walk?ADJECTIVES/NOUN + walka long walkWe went for a long walk in the woods.a short walkThe house is only a short walk from local shops.a little walkI just felt like a little walk.a brisk walkA brisk walk will improve your circulation.an easy walkFrom here it is an easy walk to the summit.a five-mile/ten-kilometre etc walkHe began the five-mile walk back to town.a five-minute/two-hour etc walkThere’s a good restaurant a five-minute walk away.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘go a walk’ or ‘make a walk’. Say go for a walk. THESAURUSwalk noun [countable] a journey that you make on foot, especially for exercise or enjoymentI took the dog out for a long walk in the fresh air.We went for some lovely walks.Do you fancy going out for a walk?hike noun [countable] a long walk in the mountains or countrysideWe went for a hike in the woods.There are some good hikes nearby.stroll noun [singular] a slow, relaxed walkLet’s take a stroll in the park.We went for a stroll along the river.wander British English a short relaxed walk, especially to look around a placeWe had a wander round the town and then went to the beach.trek noun [singular] used when talking about a long walk in the mountains, countryside etc which lasts for several days and which you do for pleasure. Also used about a long tiring walk somewhere, which you do not want to have to do They went on a three week trek in the Atlas Mountains.We then had a long trek back to our hotel with all our luggage.slog [singular] a long, tiring, and unpleasant walk, which continues for several hoursIt was a dreary slog over bleak and windswept hills. march noun [countable] an occasion when a group of people walk somewhere together, in order to protest about somethingDemonstrators are planning a march through the capital.a peace march
Examples from the Corpus
walkThe park was full of Sunday afternoon walkers.In spite of the cold, Lilly and Eleanor and I went for a walk down the hill toward the river.Local Activities: walks, golf, beaches.The woman's stiff, agitated walk showed how nervous she was.There are a limited number of places on each walk so it is best to obtain your ticket in advance.I love going for walks in the countryside.He has a funny walk.During her walks, she doubtless ripened her belief in the moral purpose of clothing.Emily enjoyed her walks in the park with her father.There are some particularly interesting walks to the north of the city.Janet had the slow, leaning walk of an expectant mother.From here to the bus station is a five-minute walk.But not everybody who follows this path does the moon walk.It was a pleasant walk, under cool, shady trees.Always placing one foot directly in front of the other gave him a slinking walk.The walk from the Shoe Barn had been wretched.walk to/through/across etcPark in the United States and walk across border.Try early evening walks to de-stress after a hard day's work.Looks like those girls walking to work at Merrill Lynch.Traffic is another worry-busier roads and faster cars make parents scared to let their kids walk to school alone.Now Kovitsky walked to the front of the van.Willie had never walked through so many leaves.A colonel in golf togs walked through.Sometimes we walked to the nearest cove.coastal/hill etc walkAt 56, she works full-time, runs a home, enjoys hill walking - and to my eyes, looks terrific.Excellent shops, fine coastal walks and lovely gardens complete this picturesque resort.For mountaineers, there's a Lightweight Texaport jacket called the Avalanche and three microfibre jackets for hill walking or climbing.There is a stunning 10-mile coastal walk from St Andrews to Crail.Some of the stunts are even more crazy, such as moonlight hill walks and dawn barbecues.guided walksA full and varied exhibition programme is mounted along with countryside events, and guided walks.Free activities: There are guided walks organised by the local tourist office, and various festivals throughout the season.Free activities: The brass band gives regular concerts, there are guided walks and even occasional windsurfing regattas!Brendan Tours offers 10-day guided walks that cover from six to 10 miles.These include guided walks, talks and workshops.Ample opportunities for many activities plus a varied programme of guided walks and events.The Alpenblick offers a weekly slide show and regular guided walks with the owner.There are some really lovely places to explore, including some guided walks organised by the Tourist Office.slowed to a walkThey escaped into the relative quiet of Nails's cul-de-sac and slowed to a walk.When he saw or heard other people, he slowed to a walk until they were past, then he ran again.I slowed to a walk, pouring sweat.Sharpe slowed to a walk and drew his sword.