2 noun
walk2 S2 W2
1 [countable]DLO a journey that you make by walking, especially for exercise or enjoyment:
It's a long walk. Maybe we should get the bus.
Let's go for a walk. I could do with some fresh air.
long/short/five-mile/ten-minute etc walk
The beach is only a short walk away.
take/have a walk
Why don't we take a walk in the garden?
walk to/through/across etc
a short walk through the castle grounds
2 [countable]DLO a particular journey that you make by walking, especially one that goes through an interesting or attractive area:
He says he's going on a long walk tomorrow.
Have you ever done the Three Peaks walk?
coastal/hill etc walk
There is a stunning 10-mile coastal walk from St Andrews to Crail.
3 an organized event when people walk for pleasure:
Let's all go on the beach walk.
The local tourist office organises a number of guided walks.
4 [singular] the way someone walks [= gait]:
You can often recognize people by their walk.
5 [singular] when you walk rather than run:
Breathless, she slowed to a walk.

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