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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwalkerwalk‧er /ˈwɔːkə $ ˈwɒːkər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 especially British EnglishDLO someone who walks for pleasure or exercisehiker The area is popular with walkers. climbers and hill-walkers2 a fast/slow etc walker3 MH especially American English a metal frame on wheels that old or sick people use to help them walk syn zimmer frame British English4 a frame on wheels that a baby can sit in and move around using its legs, before it can walk syn baby walker British English
Examples from the Corpus
walkerCongratulations to two indomitable Edinburgh walkers.On most weekdays, you can see dozens of elderly walkers in the mall.For the event walkers are asked to solicit friends, family, associates and others as sponsors.Placid river views are plentiful along the rest of the project for walkers or bike riders as well.Nowadays the walk is a favourite with high-level hill walkers.According to its critics, it could result in walkers getting lost, trespassing, squabbling with farmers and even being injured.Was there some kindred spirit that linked this Samburu tribesman with a group of walkers from Sheffield?