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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcartridge paperˈcartridge ˌpaper noun [uncountable]  British EnglishAVP thick strong paper used for drawing on
Examples from the Corpus
cartridge paperThe charcoal-grey cartridge paper had not been introduced at this stage.Charcoal-grey cartridge paper should provide a cheap, readily available background, but the situation must be reviewed.Daler-Rowney has launched a new, heavyweight cartridge paper, which is acid-free and available in a selection of sizes.I have omitted the address and telephone number Take an imperial sheet of cartridge paper and a small roll of gummed tape.Mechanical woodpulp is acidic and is used for the cheapest types of paper like newsprint or certain types of cartridge paper.The cartridge paper will be adopted for the present, but the situation will be reviewed.