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frameframe2 ●○○ verb [transitive]  1 AVDAROUND/ROUNDto surround something with something else so that it looks attractive or can be seen clearly Sarah’s face was framed by her long dark hair. She stood there, framed against the doorway.2 AVPto put a picture in a structure that will hold it firmly I’m going to get the picture framed. a framed photograph3 SCCto deliberately make someone seem guilty of a crime when they are not guilty, by lying to the police or in a court of law syn set up Needham’s lawyers claimed that he had been framed by the police.frame somebody for something The two men were framed for murder.4 formal to carefully plan the way you are going to ask a question, make a statement etc She wondered how she was going to frame the question.5 PLAN formal to organize and develop a plan, system etc Newman played a central role in framing the new law.6 gilt-framed/wood-framed etc→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
frameThat's not my handwriting and it's not my signature! I've been framed.I'm going to get the picture framed and give it to Mom for her birthday.The face was female, sculpted, golden, mellow, ideal and framed by a lion's mane of light.Wanda claims she was framed by her ex-husband and his brother.Malcolm Kennedy claims he was framed by police.Suzanne paused for a moment, carefully framing her answer.The accused told the court that the police tried to frame him for assault.Healey agreed to defend two young men, who were being framed in a local murder case.The kitchen door opened at last, and suddenly she was framed in its bright rectangle of light.Once the framing is complete, the temporary wall can be removed.Ornate patterns are carved into the bricks framing the entrance.An arch of floral curtains frames the window.But even as she framed the words in her mind, confidence deserted her.Just look through the viewfinder to frame your subject and press the button.get ... framedEmma's got it framed in her bedroom.