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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishletteringlet‧ter‧ing /ˈletərɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  1 AVPWRITEwritten or drawn letters, especially of a particular type, size, colour etc Chinese lettering2 AVPthe art of writing or drawing letters or words
Examples from the Corpus
letteringShould it be done before or after lettering, and what is the best form of lettering to use?This includes checking the numbering and lettering of paragraphs for consistency throughout the document.Good, snappy headlines and bold lettering help.two scrolls in Chinese letteringI admire very much the distribution of lettering you were obliged to doI would be helpless with the problem.You may wish to embellish the controls with rubdown lettering followed by a coat of spray-on protective lacquer as usual.In small lettering underneath he read, Box-office information - bookings etc. 1900 to 1930.What is the best material, that keeps its shape, lasts in all weathers and takes lettering and varnish?Letraset a proprietary name for rub-down or dry transfer lettering used in preparing artwork.