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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlithographlith‧o‧graph /ˈlɪθəɡrɑːf $ -ɡræf/ noun [countable]  AVPa printed picture produced by lithography
Examples from the Corpus
lithographLimited edition lithographs, signed and numbered, sell for a more affordable $ 50.Most lithographs were published in editions of fifty and the etchings in editions of twenty-five.Against these historical profanities, the descendants of those colourfully dressed figures in Roberts' lithographs stood no hope.Down in the old Arab quarter of Jaffa, the cosy streets of Roberts' lithographs are all but gone.This splendid lithograph by Bourne gives one a vivid idea of the impact of the railway on urban landscapes.They were finally designated livret and exhibited with the lithographs.