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miniatureminiature2 noun  1 in miniature2 [countable]AVP a very small painting, usually of a person3 [countable] a very small bottle containing an alcoholic drink a miniature of whiskey
Examples from the Corpus
miniatureWe've got a painting of Parsons here somewhere, a miniature done by another member of the club called Peter Lens.The carcass is small so that cuts appear to be miniatures of beef cuts.These are complete miniatures of the parents and will soon busily be eating brine shrimp.But for the vertigo shot alone, a horizontal miniature was built to avoid counter-weighting the heavy VistaVision camera.The building joins miniatures of Hampton Court and Fontainebleau Palace at the museum.For instance, you could create two groups of miniatures in the recesses on either side of a fireplace.In fact, in many cases, the very size of miniatures makes them more suitable for particular ideas and arrangements.portrait miniaturesAmong her prize-winning stock is Bickels Tinker Toy, which she says is one of the smallest miniatures in the world.