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pastelpastel2 adjective [only before noun]  1 CCpastel colours are light and pale pastel blue The walls were painted in pastel shades.see thesaurus at colour2 AVdrawn using pastels a set of four small pastel drawings
Examples from the Corpus
pastelBefore the baby was born Jenny bought some pretty, pastel baby clothes.I saw Peter wearing a pastel blue cotton sweater, sheer and delicate-a very fine sweater.Sensiq's lovely pastel colours reflect the sunny feeling and identify your ideal skin products according to skin type.Mrs Singh preferred saris in pastel colours, such as salmon pink.the child's pastel drawingBut every day we see more pastel patches of red, purple, yellow, and pale green of swelling buds.Harding a pastel portrait of Lance Henly.Humble houses were cobbled together from leavings stuccoed over and painted in pastel tones of pink, ochre and yellow.It's light and bright inside due to the pastel yellow inner.