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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishportraiturepor‧trai‧ture /ˈpɔːtrətʃə $ ˈpɔːrtrətʃər/ noun [uncountable] formal  AVPthe art of painting or drawing pictures of people
Examples from the Corpus
portraitureThe series prompts the question: How can we settle for a portraiture less complex than this?Photographer Melanie Cox makes her living from art portraiture.Literary giants have often been prime subjects for portraiture and George Bernard Shaw was no exception.Much jewellery, especially gemstones and hairpins, was itself used as a vehicle for portraiture.Instruction is in various media and covers landscapes, portraiture, still life, book illustration and more.Nowhere was this more evident that within official portraiture.Society portraiture continued to thrive, as much in demand in the 1950s as in Gainsborough's day.