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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstill lifeˌstill ˈlife noun (plural still lifes) [countable, uncountable]  AVPa picture of an arrangement of objects, for example flowers or fruit
Examples from the Corpus
still lifeBefore I could ever get to my life, conscience was arranging it all like a still life or tableau.Never settle for painting a still life with nets and anchor just because you are afraid seascapes are too complex.The other was a still life, part of a series painted during a prolonged stay in Paris.The final project was a still life with all these objects in it as well as a small hunk of plastic ham.So a colourful still life seemed a suitable choice of subject for an exploration of the pastels' most obvious potential.Over the fire-place hung a narrow horizontal Derain still life of a loaf of bread.Phantom woman-gone-back into the cage of her dreams, the still life of her mind.