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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubjectsub‧ject1 /ˈsʌbdʒɪkt/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable]  1 thing talked aboutSUBJECT the thing you are talking about or considering in a conversation, discussion, book, film etc Paul has strong opinions on most subjects. The subjects covered in this chapter are exercise and nutrition.subject of Truffaut’s childhood memories were the subject of his first film. While we’re on the subject of money, do you have the $10 you owe me?Don’t say ‘the subject is about ... ’: The subject of the poem is war. | The poem is about war. subject matter2 at schoolSESSEC an area of knowledge that you study at a school or university My favorite subject is math.3 in artAVPTCP the thing or person that you show when you paint a picture, take a photograph etc Monet loved to use gardens as his subjects.4 in a testHBTEST/EXPERIMENT a person or animal that is used in a test or experiment The subjects of this experiment were all men aged 18–35.5 grammarSLG a noun, noun phrase, or pronoun that usually comes before a main verb and represents the person or thing that performs the action of the verb, or about which something is stated, for example ‘she’ in ‘She hit John’ or ‘elephants’ in ‘Elephants are big’ object1(6)6 citizen formalPGC someone who was born in a country that has a king or queen, or someone who has a right to live there a British subject citizen(2), national2COLLOCATIONSverbsdiscuss/talk about a subjectHave you discussed the subject with your husband?change the subject (=start talking about something different)She tried to change the subject.mention a subjectThe subject was not mentioned again.deal with/cover a subject (=speak or write about it)The subject is dealt with in great detail in his previous book.touch on a subject (=say or write a little about it)In his speech, he touched on the subject of death.bring up/raise a subject (=deliberately start talking about it)You brought the subject up, not me.get onto a subject (=happen to start talking about it)We somehow got onto the subject of detective stories.broach a subject (=start talking about a sensitive subject)She hesitated, wondering exactly how to broach the subject of their sleeping arrangements.get back to a subjectSomehow I just knew in the end we would get back to the subject of money.drop a subject (=stop talking about it)To her relief, Julius dropped the subject.avoid/keep off/stay off a subject (=not talk about it)I knew he was trying to avoid the subject of drugs.She hoped that Anna would keep off the subject of Luke for the next few hours.get somebody off a subject (=make them talk about something else)It was difficult to get him off the subject of cars.a subject comes up (=people start talking about it)The subject of payment never came up.adjectivesan interesting/fascinating subjectFame is a fascinating subject.a difficult/complex subject (=very complicated)Immigration is a complex subject.a controversial subjectThe content of the curriculum has become a controversial subject.a sensitive/touchy subject (=one that people may get upset about)Steer clear of complicated issues or sensitive subjects.a delicate subject (=one that may be embarrassing)She carefully avoided discussing the delicate subject of money.a taboo subject (=one that it is not acceptable to mention)For them, death was not a taboo subject.phrasesa subject of/for discussionTV is a favourite subject for discussion.a subject of conversationShe searched for a new subject of conversation.a subject of/for debate (=a subject people discuss and disagree about)The reason for the increased risk of cancer is still a subject of debate.a subject of controversy (=a subject people disagree about strongly)Nuclear power is still the subject of considerable controversy.a subject area (=a group of related subjects)He has written a lot in this subject area.
Examples from the Corpus
subjectSubjects for this experiment represented a good cross-section of the American population.All subjects were tested for perfect hearing before the experiment began.Each subject is given a number.Revision is necessary to make provision for emerging subjects.History was my favorite subject in school.English was my favourite subject at school.But his subjects refused to sit still, disappearing into cellars and doorways.I read a lot of books about astronomy. It's a very interesting subject.We talked about all sorts of subjects.Until about 20 years ago, the subject of the environment was hardly discussed.The brewing group has been the subject of intense speculation for decades.I could see John was embarrassed, so I changed the subject.As we have seen, this second chance to debate the subject of dissension within the community was also rejected.This is getting us nowhere. Let's just drop the subject, okay?Instead, she took a job as a maid - the subject of her first book, One Pair of Hands.Half of the subjects were given caffeine.The first book on the subject was published in 1900.He has very little to say on the subject of the accusations made against him.I asked some human beings, people who had studied the subject for years, and they did not know.So many antiques that Architectural Digest magazine devoted a lengthy article to the subject in its November issue.Bottle-collecting even has a website devoted to the subject.Truffaut's childhood memories were the subject of his first film.What subjects are you studying?on the subject ofMarie said nothing at all on the subject of Mr Bertram.Part of the programme included talks prepared by the cadets on the subject of the centenary.Let us examine the views of the hon. Member for Fife, Central on the subject of TECs.He's not very talkative except on the subject of his plants.Mr. Key I am delighted to reassure the hon. Gentleman on the subject of computer software for local authorities.The smoke in Broadcasting House offices blew through long meetings on the subject of Julian and Sandy.While we're on the subject of money, do you have that $10 you owe me?After all, thought I, I was the best qualified of those present to speak on the subject of the future.I have collected this catalogue from the dozens of workshops and courses I have run for teachers on the subject of stress.But something had happened when she'd touched on the subject of Tony.Several good books have been written on the subject of personality disorders.