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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcongresscon‧gress /ˈkɒŋɡres $ ˈkɑːŋɡrɪs/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]PPG a formal meeting of representatives of different groups, countries etc, to discuss ideas, make decisions etc a congress of the ruling Labor Party2 [countable]PGP the group of people chosen or elected to make the laws in some countries3 Congress4 [singular] used in the names of political parties Gandhi’s Congress Partycongressional /kənˈɡreʃənəl/ adjective [only before noun] a congressional committee
Examples from the Corpus
congressJiang won a place on several committees at the Communist Party's August 1973 congress.And for some there were conferences and congresses in glamorous places, the glittering prizes satirically displayed in Lodge's Small World.Political power could create the institutional framework necessary for free criticism, including things like laboratories, periodicals and congresses.Al-Fatah's fifth congress opens in Tunis.Individualism among today's members of congress has also been heightened by electoral considerations.Although it meant postponing the ninth party congress by a few weeks, a last-minute compromise was found.Firstly, in 1986 there was a reform of Federal Insurance tax; congress dropped tax credit for individual contributions.The congress called on the government to reopen schools and Niamey University, closed following rioting on Feb. 27.He promised to demystify the all-powerful presidency and make it more accountable to congress and the voter.