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actingacting2 noun [uncountable]  APACTOR/ACTRESSthe job or skill of performing in plays and filmsdrama
Examples from the Corpus
actingTalking about acting is like boasting about pictures you're going to paint.The chief acting honours, however, go to Jean Marsh as the tense but battle-hardened Miss Madrigal.There is some hammy acting, but the film gives an interesting insight into the gangster scene of the Sixties.Still only sixteen, it looked as if acting would become the career for which Crawford had hoped.Gloria Reuben quit acting to join Tina Turner on stage as a backing singer and dancer.Eventually, though, he singles out Celia Johnson's acting followed by Lean's direction.The acting she did within its framework was almost right.You shouldn't take up acting as a career; it's a very risky business.But they are guidelines to what acting is basically about.