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bookbook2 ●●○ S3 verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]BUY to make arrangements to stay in a place, eat in a restaurant, go to a theatre etc at a particular time in the futurereserve Have you booked a holiday this year? The flight was already fully booked (=no more seats were available). To get tickets, you have to book in advance. The show’s booked solid (=all the tickets have been sold) until February.2 [transitive]AP to arrange for someone such as a singer to perform on a particular date The band was booked for a benefit show in Los Angeles.3 be booked up4 [transitive] to arrange for someone to go to a hotel, fly on a plane etc I’ve booked you a flight on Saturday.book somebody on/in etc I’ll book you in at the Hilton.5 [transitive]SCPSCL to put someone’s name officially in police records, along with the charge made against them Smith was booked on suspicion of attempted murder.6 [transitive] British EnglishDSF when a referee in a sports game books a player who has broken the rules, he or she officially writes down the player’s name in a book as a punishmentCOLLOCATIONSbook + NOUNbook a holidayPeople often book their holidays in January.book a tripI booked the whole trip on the Internet.book a flightHe picked up the phone and booked a flight to Barcelona.book a ticketIt’s cheaper if you book your train ticket in advance.book a table (=in a restaurant)I’ll book a table for 7.30 tomorrow evening.book a room/hotelRoss found a good hotel and booked a room.book a seatShe booked me a seat on the 9 am flight.book a place on somethingStudents are advised to book a place on the course early.adverbsbook earlyWe recommend you book early to avoid disappointment.book (well) in advanceThere are only 20 places, so it is essential to book well in advance.book online (=on the Internet)It’s much easier to book tickets online.be fully booked (=all the seats, tickets etc are sold)I’m afraid that show is fully booked.be booked solid (=all the seats, tickets etc are sold for a long period)The restaurant’s booked solid for the whole of the Christmas period. book in→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bookNow, on Montana highways, you can really book.I booked a table for two at 8:00.But if you can book a ticket, the fare is good for nearly a year.You'll have to book by tomorrow if you want the lower price.Nelson was booked for a tour of Japan in August.I did not book his seat.I was booked in San Diego last night, you know?So he set the play in a hotel room, and Frank and Betty Spencer were the honeymoon couple who booked in.Dawkins was booked on suspicion of attempted murder.The open-top bus can be booked, the extra supplies of silver polish ordered.booked solidIt is booked solid, but not overbooked.Not only have they been booked solid for months for convention week, but their meeting rooms are jammed with lavish receptions.A bed and breakfast was booked solid for the dates I wanted, and the proprietor of it suggested the Ridgemount.The Cody band may find itself booked solid once it gets to Washington on Jan. 18.Classes are booked solid , with many students unable to get the courses they need.